***Reading Tom Wheatley's poetry makes me feel as if I stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting.  His words, in very quick succession take you from a cozy fireside to a brisk snowy winter evening; from a cloud filled summer day to the crisp crunching of leaves under your feet; and from the wonder of the stars to a child's dream of things to come.  Let your imagination take over, and enjoy a "Celebration of Life" as it was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow.
       Freddie King, (internationally renowned singer, director, teacher and arranger)
***Tom Wheatley has been writing poetry for just as long as he can remember.  He loves to play with words, and his rhymes are frequently laced with homonyms and puns.  His humor is sometimes corny, but always wholesome and refreshing.  His selected subject matter is the material of everyday life - the smiles, the frowns, animals both real and imaginary, the kid next door, dreams, the wonders of nature, love of our nation, memories and reminiscence, music, art and everything else that hasn't been named.  It provides humor and thought provoking stimulation for readers of all ages.  Read and enjoy a bit at a time; then return to read and enjoy once more.      Dr. James P Hackman, (admirer and friend)
WEEDS WILL GROW             from Fireside Musings
I tried to grow a garden fair, 
 And pampered it with tender care
   With fertilizer, watering and seeds.
     But weeds will grow 'most anywhere, 
       And they don't call for any care,
         So now I have a garden full of weeds!
Above are a couple of reviews on my books, In 2010, I was designated Poet Laureate of Blue Springs, Canada.  (See page 5 for more info.)  With absolutely no modesty, I believe that the information is pretty accurate.  Yes, I have to make an appointment with my doctor to see if I've broken my arm from patting myself on the back too much.  Meanwhile, continue to enjoy more Fireside Verses, both below and on the following pages. 
Thomas Henry Wheatley:   Poet Laureate-Blue Springs, Canada:   Maryland Poet Laureate Finalist
C 2010-13
ON DOCTOR'S ADVICE            from Fireside Musings
My doctor checked my eating ways,
  Then sounded quite aghast.
    He said to change my eating ways,
      And do it rather fast.

           I used to eat just chocolate,
             Delightful, don't you think?
               But now I add variety,
                 With fudge and cocoa drink!
OLD TOM                                                           from Fireside Musings
Old Tom was slowing down a bit.  The years were slipping by
  He feared the boss might fire him from the job.
    He used to be the top cat in the Mousers' Hall of Fame,
      A feline standing miles above the mob.

But now he isn't fast enough to catch the slowest mouse.
  His running days have had their date with death.
    So he relies on treachery.  He'll down a hunk of cheese
      And wait beside the hole with baited breath.
OTHERWISE I'M FINE                   from Fireside Fellowship
When I got up this morning, my old back was hurting some.
I stubbed my toe upon a chair, and that was kinda dumb.
Then I went downstairs for breakfast, burned my finger on the grill.
Dropped the knife and cut my foot.  Man, you talk about a thrill!

Off to work, I got pulled over.  I was clocked at ninety-four.
'Bout a thousand clams it cost me.  Had the pedal to the floor.
Then the boss, he calls me over, says my job is gone for sure,
And I sock him 'cause I'm angry.  Guess I got a little sore.

So I'm feeling kinda 'iffy' as I head back home tonight.
Where my house is burning brightly.  Not a fireman is in sight.
The place is naught but ashes.  Nothing left but soot and smoke.
Insurance ran out just last week, and now I'm all dead broke.

Got no money for my supper, can't afford to pay the rent,
Got no kinfolks I can mooch on, so I'm living in a tent.
And that's what's going on 'round here.  No use to cuss and whine.
A thing or two has gone awry, but otherwise, I'm fine.
PLANTING ROSES                                      from Fireside Fellowship
He who plants a rose bush has a faith in what's to be.
He tends the bush to make sure it won't fail.
While he's looking to the future for the rose's fragrant buds,
It's what he does today that sets the trail.
WHY IS A CAT            from Fireside Fellowship

Why is a cat . . . . . . . like that?

Why does a cat caterwaul on a fence,
And where did a cat get his ego immense?

Why does a cat prowl around through the night,
And why does a cat act like he's always right?

Why does a cat get to make all the rules,
And how can a cat make us all feel like fools?

Why is a cat . . . . . . . like that?
FRIENDSHIP'S WAYS             from Fireside Musings
There are some guidelines you should know
As down life's way you wend;
A road map, if you will, on how
To find and keep a friend.

There are no guarantees in life,
But this is fairly sure;
To find a friend, first be a friend.
You could have friends galore.

Then, to retain a friend you've made,
This also must be known;
A friend's not someone you possess.
You share.  You do not own.
DIGITAL COMPUTING   from Fireside Fellowship
Two and two make four, I know,
And four and four make eight.
Eight and eight make sixteen,
If I have my numbers straight.

But now I've gone about as far
As I think counting goes,
'Cause I've used up all my fingers,
And I'm running out of toes.
THE WORRIES AND THE WEARIES               from Fireside Fellowship
When the worries and the wearies all loom large upon your brow
And you barely have the strength to carry through,
When you're looking for success in life but find you don't know how,
And you feel so down and out and awfully blue.

That's the time to take the time to think of where you are
And of the folks who've helped you swim upstream.
Take time to look at where you've been and how you got this far,
And folks who helped you work toward your dream.

Take time to put the blues to rest and climb back up that hill.
Don't just give up and let your dreamings die.
Success is never fly-by-night.  It takes a bit of will,
But you can make it when you really try.
WHISTLING                     from Fireside Fellowship
Whistle a tune at the break of the morn
To welcome the rise of the sun.
Whistle a tune in the heat of the sun,
A tune full of laughter and fun.

Whistle a tune when the sun's going down,
A tune bright as sunset's warm glow.
And whistle a tune 'neath a sky filled with stars,
To have music whereever you go.

Whistling has power to brighten each hour
And lighten the load in your heart.
It won't bring you riches or britches with stitches,
But at least, it's a pretty good start.
LOVE, PEACE AND JOY     from Fireside Musings
By the stars that shine above,
  Bless and fill this house with love.
    May the blessings never cease,
      And may this house know endless peace.
        There's one more blessing to imploy.
          May this house know endless joy.
TREES                                                                     from Fireside Musings
The stately oak we know quite well by acorns on the ground.
The sycamore has fuzzy balls.  Its trunk peels all around.
The pine tree's needles and its cones are hallmarks of its kind,
Including giant redwoods that you go out west to find.
But there's one tree that you can find in daylight or in dark.
Just stand outside and listen close - to hear the dogwood bark.
THE TELEPHONE CALL         from Fireside Musings
The telephone is not a thing
That we ignore when it will ring.
We'll drop whatever we are doing
So that we can be pursuing
The urgent message of that call
That 'Ring' that beckons one and all.

If someone interrupted us,
But face-to-face, we'd make a fuss.
We'd tell them that they were most rude
Our privacy to so intrude.

We're underneath its magic spell,
And all because of Mr. Bell!
SOME FOLKS                   from Fireside Musings
Some folks will chatter for hours on end
With nary a thought in their mind.
Some folks will talk with a touch of the hand
Or a smile or a glance that is kind.

There are some that express thoughts most eloquently
And who fascinate all when they speak,
While some folks say more with just one of their hugs
Than others can say in a week.
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THE ZOMBIE JUBILEE                               from Fireside Glow
'Twas a dark and spooky night.  All the ghosts were dressed white,
And the skeletons were dancing down the lane.
Every goblin and his sweet soon went tripping down the street.
In the distance, you could hear a rattling chain.

Guests would sit on graveyard stones while the band played haunting tones,
And the MC was a zombie tried and true.
There were crows and there were bats, plus a crew of old black cats
Who made up the band that played the whole night through.

There were zonbies by the dozen who soon had the place a-buzzin',
'Cause it was the night they all had come to see.
Each and every zombie host raised their glasses in a toast
To the scaries at the Zombie Jubilee.

It's a haunting place to be, where mere mortals scream and flee,
And where only spooks and spirits should be seen.
But if you've the guts to try, get dressed up and come on by
To the Zombie Jamboree next Hallowe'en.
                                                            from Fireside Glow
Raindrops falling pit-a-pat
Sing their steady song.
They dance upon the old tin roof,
Just tapping all night long.

Then comes the dawn with rising sun
That brings a golden morn,
As if to say, "Awake!  Awake!
A brand new day is born!"

Troubles are like raindrops
That may fall throughout the night.
Both seem to last forever
But in time, there'll come the light.
SEASONS OF LOVE          from Fireside Glow
Love is like a breath of spring
That blossoms by the hour
Each bloom is like a kiss of love,
Each kiss - a precious flower

Love is like a summer morn
That warms with rising sun,
A warmth that carries through the night
When summer's day is done.

Love is like an autumn day
That's brisk and crisp and clear,
Where hues bedeck the leafy trees
And paint the world with cheer.

Love is like a wintry eve.
Though wintry winds blow cold,
Love brings a warmth to banish chill
And never does grow old.

Love may appear all times of year
And doesn't need a season,
And love may grow where e'er you go.
It needs no rhyme or reason.

Love leads the way through every day
Through joy or pain or pleasure,
So treasure love, don't measure love,
For love defies all measure.
THE MORROW        from Fireside Glow
You just never know what the morrow may bring -
If the day will have rain, or the songbirds will sing.
 Seek good in each moment, find good where you can
 For no one can say what's in Father Time's plan.

  Look for the best in the people you meet,
  Your family, your friends and that man in the street.
   Be happy and cheerful to brighten each day,
   And treasure each step of the march through time's fray.

    So do what you can, ere the hours all flee,
    To harvest the fruits growing on today's tree.
     When this day is over and time's had its fling,
     You just never know what the morrow will bring.
PEACHES AND CREAM.           from Fireside Glow
Aging is not for the young
Who still have their dreams to be sung
        With dancing and prancing
        And summer romancing
And still have their dreams to be flung.

It takes many moons to prepare
For those rickety legs and gray hair
      But with luck, you'll have years
        Mixed with gladness and fears
Ere Gabriel's trumpet will blare.

So live every day like a dream
While swimming up life's busy stream
        Each day that you ive,
         Give all you can give
To help life be peaches and cream/
ANCIENT CRUISING          from Fireside Glow
An amateur sailor named Noah
Didn't know where he wanted to go-ah
    So with nothing to lose,
    He took a long cruise
Til he finally came to a sho-ah

Now, Noah was really quite old,
At least, that's the story I'm told
    Then an animal horde
    Came marching on board
And he stored them down deep in the hold.

The birds and the bees and the bears
All climbed on that ark without cares.
    Bur giraffes with their necks
    Poked through all of the decks
While the peaciocks kept putting on airs.

The elephants came with their trunks
Along with some odious skunks
    Two beras hibernating
    Were most irritating
Snoring all through the cruise in their bunks.

To keep his three kids from complaining
And to pass away time through the raining,
    He had them play bridge
    Serving snacks from the fridge
Til nary a scrap was remaining.

It rained forty days withoug stop.
All were drenched from bottom to top.
   Then it took 'bout a year
    For that water to clear.
'Twould be faster if he had a mop.
WHERE DRAGONFLIES PLAY                from Fireside Glow
I long to relax at the end of the day
  In the land of the lilies where dragonflies play
    And then watch the sun as it sinks in the sky.
      It beckons the moon to start beaming on high

Soon dusk has its way and the darkness will rule
  When the heat of the day yields to eventide's cool.
    I'll cherish the sound of a cricket's bright song,
      With the voice of a whippoorwill singing along.

I relish the sight of a star studded night
  As thye hours of evening pass in their flight.
    There's naught like the peace at the end of the day
      In the land of the lily where dragonflies play.
Rev: 06/24/2013