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LIFE'S ROSES             from Fireside Musings
Don't forget to smell the roses
As you travel down life's road,
For the joy of nature's roses
Serve to lighten any load.

    But the joys of nature's roses
    Are just fleeting things at best
    When compared to joys of children.
    It's by them that we are blest.

        So then cherish times together,
        Even treasure times apart,
        For your children and their children
        Are the roses of your heart.
Meanwhile, you can enjoy a few more samples of Fireside Verses below and on the other pages.  For my Scouter friends, I have included a number of my specifically Scouting poems toward the bottom of this page.  However, this is an invitation for all to take a peek. (Please note that illustrations with the poems on this web site are not included in the books.  That old 'keeping the selling price reasonable' bit, you understand.)
Description:  Fireside Musings and Fireside Fellowship each are 8.5 X 5.5 inches and contain 200 pages.  I chose to have them printed as paperback books in order to provide the most poems at the lowest cost.
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Rev: 06/24/2013
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A POET'S CONFESSION                 from Fireside Fellowship
The Muses come to visit me; They have a lot to say,
And I just sit and listen deep with awe.
They come and see me any night and any time of day,
As I transcribe their words in hasty scrawl.

And though the Muses have the thought and form each flowing word,
And though it is the Muses who have said it,
I am the one who writes them down, these things that I have heard
And that's the reason why I take the credit.
PILLS FOR ILLS               from Fireside Fellowship
I was feeling kinda poorly once
   With several kinds of ills,
      And so I asked my family doc 
         If he could help with pills.

He gave me red and orange ones
   Plus yellowgreen and blue,
      With violet pills to top the list
      Before his work was through.

I can't report my ills are gone,
   But this much I can say -
      At least my life has now become
         A rainbow every day.  
LOOKING BACK                                         from Fireside Musings
Looking back in memory, in your mind's eye you can see
All those folks and places that you knew
Visit old friends every day.  Go on journeys far away.
Walk through childhood grasses wet with dew.

But don't just live in Memory's Land.  Work hard to make today most grand,
And maximize your joys but not your sorrow.
Rejoice in what this day may bring; the sun, the rain, the birds that sing,
And build up this day's memories for tomorrow.
BATHTUB SINGING      from Fireside Musings
I sing in the tub;
Bathtub singing is keen.
The water gets dirty,
But notes come out clean!
THE WORDSMITH'S ADVANTAGE               from Fireside Musings
The wordsmith read them once again, those words he wrote before.
He wanted them to be just right.  He wanted to be sure.
So back he went, right to the start, the place where he'd begun,
And rewrote all of what was there; a brand new Chapter One.

As parents we don't get that chance.  We can't rewrite the books.
We can't go back to Chapter One and change the way it looks.
There's but one option that we have, our children's lives to light.
We cannot modify the past.  Fresh chapters we must write.
THE SAPLING'S DAY AT SCHOOL                  from Fireside Musings
The little sapling went to school.  His mother sent them there.
"If you don't go, you'll be a fool."  I heard her so declare.
Then when he came back home again, his mom began to ask,
"And how were things in school today?"  That seems to be Mom's task.

"I learned to use both who and whom.  I learned to use them well.
And you is fine, but never youm, but why, I could not tell."
Then Mother asked him, "How 'bout math, from Mr. Hickory?"
"Oh, yes, I liked his class the best.  I learned 'Gee, I'm a tree'."
HUGGING THE CURVES        from Fireside Fellowship
When but a lad of tender age,
Hugging curves was all the rage.
And I look back with joyful bliss,
'Cause every curve was on a Miss.
I'M GLAD I'M A GIRL          from Fireside Fellowship
Amanda Lynn, now that's my name.
But it could have been worse by far.
When baby brother came along,
My folks named him Guitar.
IT CAN'T HURT              from Fireside Fellowship
When I go to bed, I always get scared
And pull all the covers right over my head.
I know that protects me, that I'm well prepared,
For when the sun rises, I find I'm not dead!
And now for a few more words from the books
Top portion:  Some general poems      -      Bottom portion:  A number of Scouting verses
Some Scouting Verses, many of which were inspired around the fireside.
RUN THE TWELVE                from Fireside Musings
Run the twelve to truly know
If down the Scouting path you go.
Trustworthy, Loyal and Helpful must
Be there to keep your actions just.

Friendly and Courteous bring to five
Those virtues for which Scouts should strive.
Then, if your actions are unkind,
They'll fall short of our Law, you'll find.

Obedience to ideals right
And Cheerfulness, both day and night.
Be Thrifty with whate'er you use,
And Brave in actions that you choose.

Be Clean in mind and body, too.
Let Reverence to God be true.
Your heart and soul will calmly rest
When you fulfill this twelve point test.
ON MY HONOR                                                             from Fireside Musings
On my honor, without doubt, I'll do my best to be a Scout.
On my honor, I will try to keep my goals and morals high.
On my honor, I will do the best I can my whole life through,
And on my honor, I've been blest to have a chance to meet this test.
AROUND THE CAMPFIRE                               from Fireside Musings
A campfire burning in the night invites us one and all
To share its light and smoke and warmth, to share its flames so tall,
To sit around the campfire and just watch its sparks at play,
To chat and stare into the flames, to hear what others say,

To spend some time in fellowship, to tell a tale or two,
To think about the times gone by, to think friendships true.
Those crackling logs spark fellowship and make each man out brother.
And help us feel that everyone should treasure one another.
There are other Scouting poems,
 but these will be added later
WALK THE TRAIL                                        from Fireside Fellowship
There's a trail that's winding onward through the woodlands and the lea.
It's a trail of great adventure, and it waits for you and me.
It's a trail that's filled with games and fun.  It's filled with joy and fun.
It's filled with fellowships that last throughout life's twists and bends.

Walk the trail through heat or cold, through rain or snow or sun.
'Tis a path that ventures forward, one we call the Scouting trail,
And if we tread it faithfully, we'll very rarely fail.

The trail is waiting there for us.  It beckons one and all.
'Twill guide us through the years to come, if we but heed its call.
Rejoice beneath a starry sky or share a campfire flame.
Let us walk the trail together as we play the Scouting game.
A SCOUTING BLESSING     from Fireside Fellowship
May the spirit that is Scouting
Give you all the joys you seek.
May the strengths you find in Scouting
Follow you through every week.

May good fortune e'er be with you
In the Scouting things you do.
May your blessings be unending.
May your troubles be but few.
A CAMPFIRE MEMORY        from Fireside Musings
Our campfire's almost memory,
  The coals are glowing red.
    And wisps of fragrant camp;fire smoke
      Go drifting overhead.

We've had a bit of song and fun
  This wondrous campfire night.
    We've shared what Scouts have often shared
      Around the campfire bright.

It's almost time to bid farewell,
  To leave its warmth and glow,
    But in our hearts 'twill linger on
      No matter where we go.

BE PREPARED                                from Fireside Glow
Be Prepared, our motto tells,
And that call we should heed.
Be Prepared to face life's trails
Wherever they may lead.

Prepare to live the Oath and Law
To handle fear and doubt.
All that will come when we prepare
To always be a Scout
MAGIC                                                                                                             from Fireside Musings
Some said that magic still occurred.  Yes, that's what I'd been told.
Though I knew magic was long gone, just like the days of old.
I said, "Magic's just illusion, a trick or sleight-of-hand.
There's no real magic anywhere throughout our mighty land.

But then, not many years ago, a young boy joined our troop.
He was so shy and awkward, didn't fit in with 'the group'.
But somehow he stuck with it as he tried to do his best.
Then came the day his buddies really put him to the test.

He worked at leading his patrol, though sometimes it was hard.
At times they'd barely gain an inch; sometimes they'd leap a yard.
But through the good times and the bad, his spirit seemed to grow.
He led his group through sun and rain, through wind and hail and snow.

Then gradually his confidence and leadership grew strong.
The young Scouts would look up to him as he led them along.
Now he has grown so much it seems he's practically a man,
And Scouting's worked its magic in just a few year's span.
THE JOY OF CAMPING        from Fireside Musings
Lightning crackles, thunder roars
Across the forest top.
Rain is falling hard and fast,
More than our tent can stop.

We walk in puddles, slosh in mud
And long before it's done,
We have to stop and tell ourselves,
"We're really having fun!"
OUR SCOUTMASTER        from Fireside Musings
Our Scoutmaster slept very soundly, 'tis said,
And the sound that we sensed was a snore,
And his snoring would spread 'til it deafened the dead
With its raucous and resonant roar.

And when we went to camp, be it wet or dry or damp,
He'd let loose with his bellowing blare,
But what startled us all was what came at his call,
Thirteen moose, seven cows and a bear.

THE STORY OF BROWNSEA                  from Fireside Musings
In jolly old time England on little Brownsea Isle,
  Old B-P took a bunch of kids out camping for a while.
    He took a goodly number, there were 'round about a score,
      And some were hoity-toity, and some were England's poor.

He poured them in a paper sack and shook 'em up real good,
  And poured them out in four patrols to do the best they could.
    The Ravens spilled the puddin and the Curlews burned the peas.
      The Wolves and Bears set up their camp underneath some bees.

But with a week of camping out and learning from B-P
  This bunch of kids showed everyone what patrols of Scouts can be.
    We're glad they gave us Scouting, for when all is said and done,
      Although it's often lots of work, it's also lots of fun.
Photo: THW
Photo:  THW
AS THE CAMPFIRE BURNS                                from Fireside Musings)
When the smoke floats through the air, rare fragrance it imparts
    While hungry flames nip at the logs - - - - - as the campfire starts.

Flick'ring sparks go flying high in gleeful leaps and turns
    The cheery flames light up the sky - - - - - - as the campfire burns.

The flames recede; the light grows dim.  A solemn spirit reigns.
    The time has come for quite thought - - - - as the campfire wanes.

Too soon, the logs are but a glow;  the sparks no longer rise.
    It's time to bid the night adieu - - - - - - - -  as the campfire dies.
A CAMPFIRE BLESSING            from Fireside Glow
May the logs that form this fire
  Lend their warmth and smoke tonight.
    May the Scouts who share this pyre
      Be blessed before its cheerful light.

THROW A PARTY                                                  from Fireside Glow
Throw yourself a 'Pity Party' when you're feeling low.
Invite your friends and relatives and everyone you know.

Throw yourself a 'Pity Party' when you're feeling blue,
And everyone who gives a hoot will come to see you through.

Seating for that milling mob is easy to prepare,
'Cause all you'll need to sit 'em down is just a single chair.
THE FIRST OVERNIGHT CAMPOUT          Blue Springs, 2012, Fireside Glow
Someone told me camping's fun,
But I have found when day is done,
There's much they never said a word about.
Oh sure, I'm fine when sunlight shines,
But when that darkness fills the pines,
The woods become a place of fear and doubt.
As the sun drops off to sleep,
Evening shadows start to creep
While ghostly mists are drifting to and fro.
Spirits dance among the trees.
Scary sounds float on the breeze.
It's nothing like the world I used to know.
And as the campfire dies away
I slowly close my eyes and pray.
I fear I'll never make it through the night,
But in time there comes the dawn.
Night time shadows are all gone.
I'm STILL ALIVE as mornig spreads its light.